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Seller Representation

Selling a property is a monumental task, filled with de-cluttering for showings, intelligently disposing of years of accumulated belongings, and moving from one home to another in a 24 hour period.   It’s a downright exhausting experience.  With so many tasks at hand, we keep the legal part of a sale transaction quite simple. By plugging in to our Standard Process Guide, the client can concentrate on moving, while we manage the contract and closing process, along with the distribution sale proceeds direct into the client’s bank account.  

At Standard, our goal is to make each transaction as simple as possible for all of our seller clients.

We start by zealously negotiating the Purchase and Sale Agreement on their behalf along with thoroughly reviewing the agreement with our sellers once ready to finalize.

Once the Purchase and Sale Agreement is executed by all parties, we then prepare and obtain all the required documents needed for the transaction well in advance of the closing date, while always being considerate and respectful of our clients’ busy schedules.

We continue to keep our clients informed through the entire process, and advise through the completion of the transaction.

Oftentimes, our clients are also purchasing a property when their sale is complete, and we continue to make this transition from their old property to new dream home as simple and stress free as possible.

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