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Process Guide

The Standard Process Guide is a framework for all real estate transactions, beginning to end. It has been developed to allow us to provide our clients with superior, individualized work on every closing. The Standard Process Guide recognizes that our clients don’t buy and sell real estate every day, and accommodates that clients purchase and sell a variety of property types at various price points. Our responsibility to our clients, and realtor and loan partners through our Process Guide is to set expectations, deliver a diligent, compassionate and strategic experience, and provide a successful outcome.


The Process Guide covers topic areas such as:

Guidance in preparing an Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent

Review and analysis of inspection reports, and negotiation of inspection results

Review and advice on condominium documents, rules and regulations, budgets and meeting minutes

Preparation, review and negotiation of a Purchase and Sale Agreement


Review of title and title curative work when necessary

Explanation of and providing of a homestead declaration and title insurance policy for purchases

Preparation of deed and power of attorney documents for property sales

Coordination of sale proceeds delivery


Preparation of all closing documents

Closing and notary services

Registry of Deeds recording services

Communication and coordination with realtors, lenders and opposing counsel

Unwavering client confidentiality

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