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Buyer Representation

The Standard experience for buyer clients provides unparalleled communication and integration with the buyer, realtor and lender, so that our client can focus on life during their transaction. We define and manage the details, from contract negotiations to contingencies, to finances, closing and recording. Our fee structure is among the most competitive, and our service is industry leading.

Purchasing a home is a monumental step!

Our team at Standard focuses on one thing only – closing real estate transactions. This specialized focus allows us to direct our attention and care directly on you, the client.

The homebuying process can be intimidating. Our job is to serve as your one-stop-shop for title, escrow, and legal needs. Here is an overview of the all-inclusive services provided by our closing services:

Purchase & Sale Agreement Review/Negotiation – This is the legal agreement binding you to the purchase. We’ve got you covered.

Title Examination – We review every document that has been filed in the public records against your new home for the last 50 years!

Municipal Search – This ensures that the property is free of tax and utility liens.

Settlement Statement – Our firm drafts the settlement statement in coordination with your lender to ensure compliance with the terms of YOUR agreement.

Signing – Closing Day! We will meet in person to execute your closing documents.

Recording –  Shortly after signing, we record your deed in the public records, and this makes you the legal homeowner.

Escrow – All funds are processed through our Attorney Client Funds account (IOLTA).

Title Insurance – The appropriate completion of the tasks listed above allows our firm to issue you an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy. This Policy will serve as protection for your legal interest in the home for as long as you own it!